Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility


The EVO 50 Zeiss environmental SEM  equipped by Peltier Stage, which allows to work both under high and low vacuum  conditions, has the following specification:



Resolution 2.0nm@ 30kV (SE with LaB6 option )
Acceleration Voltage 0.2 to 30 kV
Magnification 35x to 1,000,000x
Field of View 6 mm at the Analytical Working Distance (AWD)
EDX-ray Analysis Oxford Instrument, resolution 133 eV
Available Detectors
  • SE in HV - Everhart-Thornley
  • SE in VPSE
  • BSD in all modes - quadrant semiconductor diode
Chamber Approx. 365 mm (dia.) x 255 mm (h)
Specimen Stage
  • X = 100 mm (+50mm, -50mm)
  • Y = 125 mm (+65 mm, - 60 mm)
  • Z = 55 mm (35 mm motorized)
  • T = 00 - 900
  • R = 3600 (continuous) Stage control by mouse or optional joystick and control panel
Image Processing Resolution: Up to 2304x1024 pixel Signal acquisition by integrating and averaging
Image Display Single flicker-free XVGA monitor with SEM image displayed at 1024 x 768 pixel
System Control Smart-SEM with Windows, operated by mouse, keyboard and optional control panel


SEM EVO-50 (Carl Zeiss)

User friendly and with a relatively low user fee, the EVO 50 Zeiss  is an attractive option for rapid  screening of samples microstructures. It is often used for EDX analysis with spatial resolution of 1 μm.



Element Weight% Atomic%
C K 3.10 14.48
O P 0.73 2.56
P K 13.35 24.19
Ga K 41.48 33.40
As L 19.76 14.81
In L 21.58 10.55


EDX spectra and data of elemental analysis in the spot of Ga-based monocrystal