Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility


• Operating voltage of 80 – 200 kV


• Analytical Pole Piece with point-to-point

  resolution of 0.2 nm.

• Magnification from 50x – 1, 500, 000

• JEOL Single Tilt Holder

• Gatan Be Double Tilt Holder

• AMT bottom-mount camera

• Oxford INCA 30 mm2 LN2 Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) detector


The major capabilities of Jeol JEM2011 microscope include, but are not limited to:

  • TEM Imaging on atomic level (with Angstrom level resolution)

  • Selected Area (SAD), Coverging Beam (CBED) and Nano (ND) Electron Diffraction for crystal structure analysis

  •  Bright-field and Dark-filed Imaging in TEM

  •  Chemical composition analysis with EDS

Typical TEM images taken by Jeol JEM2011



CdTe Nano-wires


Courtesy of Dr. Maksym Zhukovskyi & Prof. Masaru Kuno, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry




Cancer Cell





Courtesy of Yuliya Klymenko & Prof. Sharon Stack, Department of Biological Sciences


For information about Jeol JEM2011 microscope or training schedule, please, contact Dr. S. Rouvimov