Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility


The goal of our policies is to provide a safe, friendly professional environment that would allow TEM Users to enjoy the electron microscopy research and succeed in TEM-based projects.

We do recognize that the TEM users come from different research areas and very diverse backgrounds with an intention to explore the nature and to learn advanced electron microscopy techniques. Therefore, we do provide any necessary information for the TEM operation, training and also do recommend all users to take TEM Course if possible.

The safety and satisfaction of our users as well as the safety of the equipment are our priorities.

  1. All TEM users independently on their prior experience are required to take a practical training course that covers major functions of the microscopes and safe operational procedures (SOPs).
  2. Do not change the alignment of the microscopes beyond what have been communicated during training or written in the user operation manual. Failure to follow this rule will mean that your TEM access will be revoked.
  3. If TEM users did not use the scope for a long time, they may be asked to take a qualification test (in case of 3-6 months break) or a full re-training (in case of over 6 months break).
  4. If the equipment failed to properly operate or responds to its use in a manner that is not familiar or looks suspicious, User should immediately contact TEM Staff for help. It is not advisable to rely upon other experienced User for assistance, since the problem may be more complicated as it looks. Anyone found attempting to repair TEM instruments without prior permission from TEM staff will have their access to the lab revoked
  5. When something goes wrong with the microscope USER should not only record it in the logbook, but MUST immediately inform TEM Staff by both phone and email explaining the details of the problem.
  6. Do not attempt to use or install ANY of your attachments/holders on TEM equipment unless you have permission from TEM Staff. Anyone found attempting to do this without prior permission from TEM staff will have their access to the lab revoked
  7. Our TEM User team is a family where each respects and cares about others. If TEM user booked time, he/she should use it. Failure to show up for booked time without a reasonable excuse (see the TEM staff for any feedback) will result in the user account being charged for that time anyway.
  8. If USER fails to turn up for his/her time within 15 min then any qualified USER may claim it and take the remaining time slot.
  9. Do not attempt to use ANY of the TEM data acquisition computers for web browsing or e-mail access. We have had huge problems with viruses and computer break-ins.
  10. Do not attempt to install ANY of your own software on ANY TEM computer. The TEM computers have software installed to help with data acquisition and reduction, they are not to be used for games, movies, mp3s or other non standard software. Anyone found installing software on TEM computers will have their access to the lab revoked.
  11. The USERS should save their data to the shared folder that is located on off-line FEI Titan computer (room B03). For backing up the TEM data, all operators must use the off-line computer in room B02.
  12. USERS must keep room clean and clean up after themselves, both in the specimen preparation rooms and in the microscope rooms if necessary.

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