Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

Multispectral FX

Multispectral FX (MSFX) image station

The Multispectral FX (MSFX) image station offers four modalities for planar in vivo imaging: High resolution X-ray, Fluorescence (29 excitation and 8 emission filters), Luminescence, and Radioisotopic.  While the MSFX is typically utilized for small animals like mice or rats, it can be applied to imaging of other macroscopic objects like 96-well plates, or petri dishes.






Example images from the MSFX at the Notre Dame In Vivo Imaging Facility:















A) Near-infrared fluorescence from nanoparticles within a prostate tumor xenograft, overlaid on an X-ray.  B) Imaging of fluorescent P. aeruginosa swarm on a petri dish.  C) Imaging of Osteosense-750 uptake in areas of bone remodeling in living mice.