Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

Albira Imaging Station

The Albira (Carestream Health, Woodbridge, CT) utilizes PET, SPECT, and CT imaging to produce very high resolution and superior quality images for analysis.  The mice will be exposed to a maximum of 50 kVp and an approximate dose of 1 rad, which is well below the safety threshold of 100 rad.  The system has a shielded shell for X-ray imaging that provides the user maximum protection.  The animal management chamber is temperature controlled with stable and precise motion control along with an internal camera installed to monitor the animal for the duration of the experiment.  The design of the Albira is intended for rapid acquisition and reconstruction.  The system has a mouse and rat animal transport system compatible with MRI systems and gas anesthesia systems.  The studies will be performed in the Notre Dame Integrated Animal Facility.  Animals will be transported between the housing and imaging sites in filter-top cages placed within an opaque container, such as a Rubbermaid box.  The image station is equipped with built-in nose cones that deliver isoflurane.  Waste gases are vented through a hose that forces the isoflurane through a commercial scavenging filter.  These pre-clinical experiments will mirror those conducted in the clinic, meaning that the animal will be subjected to radiotracer concentrations of probe that are not considered biologically harmful (<500 HCi). The animal will subsequently be imaged with a gamma camera to detect concentrations of emitted radiation.