Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

Probe and Reagent Imaging Protocol Information

Imaging probes will be administered to mice intravenously through tail vein or retro-orbital at a volume not to exceed 100 microliters.  Probes will be administered to rats intravenously through tail vein injection at a volume not to exceed 200 microliters.  The animals will be housed in the imaging facility located within Friemann after injection of any radio-isotopic probe.  The animal will remain in the facility behind lead bricks until the half-life of the probe has decreased to background level (<0.1mR/hr) (24-48hrs).  The animals will be provided food and water while being held in the imaging facility.  If the animals need to be held in the imaging facility over a weekend or a holiday, Friemann staff will be notified and will ensure that the animals well being is monitored during that time.