Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

Radioisotope Probe Imaging

Specific probes to be used include 18F-deoxyglucose (FDG), a common clinical radioimaging agent; F18 NaF; FLT; In111 (OstreaScan); 99mTcA labeled streptavidin (in conjuction with biotinylated specific antibodies, some of them including pentetate, MDP, pertechnetate, myoview, and sestemibi) and other probes that may substitute 64Cu as the isotope.  These may include 64Cu in conjuction with DPA-linked optical probes and siderophores (which are useful in infection imaging).  The maximum dose in each case will be approximately 1mCi.  Other radioprobes, or radiotracers, will be developed and used in animals only after addenda to the IACUC protocol and approval by the Radiation and Safety Committee.