Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

OMC Instruments and Services

The NDIIF Optical Microscopy Core (OMC) provides researchers with the opportunity to acquire informative single images and three-dimensional reconstructions of fluorescently labeled cells and tissues, either fixed or live.  

Our devices can accommodate samples mounted on either slides or in Petri dishes.  Most of our devices possess environmental chambers.  

Depending on the device used, images can include up to four separate channels with emission spectra ranging from  those of DAPI to far-red fluorophores.  

Click on subheadings to the left to learn more about each available device.  

Researchers can be trained to use our devices in as little as two hours.   The Core is located in Suite 007 in the basement of Galvin Life Sciences Building.  For consultations, scheduling of training, or for contracted image acquisition, contact the Lab Manager, Bill Archer,, 574-631-5443 (office 007G).