Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

The Nikon AZ 100 Macro/Zoom Microscope

Nikon AZ 100

The Nikon AZ 100 is a multi-purpose macro zoom microscope that has multiple methods for one to observe samples either in brightfield (top lit or backlit), Nomarski DIC, or epi-fluorescence.  It has the combined advantages of a stereoscopic microscope with a wide field of view and a long working distance, and a biological microscope boasting high-resolution images.  With a choice between a 1x and 4x lens, and its smooth 1 to 8 zoom mechanism, it covers a wide range of magnifications from 10x to 320x.  This allows the user to image the same sample from macro to micro, as well as capture movies.  Epi-fluorescence observation is achieved with filter cubes in the following wavelengths; DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy5 and Cy7.  To capture your images you have a choice between a color and monochromatic cameras.  It uses the high-performance imaging software NIS-Elements which offers a variety of image processing and analysis functions. It also enables data extraction from acquired images.